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1-2-1 Marketing Consultation



1-2-1 Strategic Planning Session



Outsourced Marketing Support



Marketing Plan Coaching

1-2-1 Marketing Consultation (two hours) £189

Learn how to successfully promote your small business with confidence

Are you feeling overwhelmed with how to market your small business effectively? Perhaps you’re unsure where to start or feel disappointed by the results you’ve seen so far? Then book in for a two-hour 1-2-1 marketing consultation and we’ll get you on track to successfully promote your small business with confidence. Ideal for fresh start-ups and busy small business owners seeking personalised, expert marketing advice.

In your 1-2-1 session, we’ll troubleshoot your key business challenges, provide you with a wealth of helpful small business resources and empower you to kickstart your bespoke plan of action. We’ll send you a fact-finding questionnaire to complete prior to your consultation so that we can research your business and industry prior and ensure that you get the most from your 1-2-1.

  • Expert advice on how to improve your marketing activities for business growth
  • Answers to your marketing questions and solutions to your business challenges
  • Practical marketing advice that you can implement straight away – tailored to your individual needs
  • Top tips on how to make time for marketing in your busy working week
  • A customised list of useful resources and reputable suppliers for your small business
  • An increased confidence to reach more of your ideal customers

Client Feedback

“My 1-2-1 marketing consultation with Paula was amazing – it really helped me to pull my scattered ideas into something focused and manageable. Paula provided expert advice tailored to my specific needs, giving me the confidence to move forward”.


1-2-1 Strategic Planning Session (half-day) £395

Get your small business on track for growth with a 1-2-1 Strategic Planning Session

Whether you have a new product or service to launch, want to develop your marketing plan for the year ahead, or just feel completely overwhelmed with how to best promote your business, our 1-2-1 Strategic Planning Session will get you where you want to go – fast!

We’ll meet in person and delve straight into your business to get your marketing ship shape and focused for growth. You’ll receive up to four hours of face-to-face marketing planning time and a tailored action plan for you to implement right away, PLUS a follow-up 30-minute accountability phone/Skype meeting to keep you on track.

Flexible and bespoke, our 1-2-1 sessions are customised to meet your individual business needs. We’ll send you a fact-finding
questionnaire to complete prior to your planning day so that we can research your business and industry prior and ensure that you get the most from your session.

  • Straight-talking, expert marketing advice – personalised for your business
  • Guidance on how to align your marketing and business goals to achieve growth
  • Advice on engaging low-cost marketing techniques to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd
  • Practical tips and expertise on how to create strategic marketing opportunities that get results
  • Your ‘Big 5’ action points for you to tackle in the coming weeks/months – clear, practical steps that will move your business forward
  • A follow-up 30-minute accountability call (phone/Skype) to keep you on track for success

PLUS a wealth of helpful resources and valuable information to support your growing small business.

(Note: Pricing may vary if you’re based outside of the Hampshire/Surrey/West Sussex/London area. Our 1-2-1 Strategic Planning Sessions may also be carried out via Skype)

Client Feedback

“Paula’s approach was very helpful. She tailored her package to my needs and also took into consideration how I worked and which strategies would work best for me. She gave me clear, insightful advice and a brilliant framework on which to build my website. Paula’s passion and expertise have been instrumental in getting me to the next step of my business plan. Thank you, Paula!”

Outsourced Marketing Support (from £165 per month)

Boost productivity with on-tap professional marketing support for your growing business

The perfect solution for busy small business owners who need extra marketing support for their growing business. From taking care of your content marketing plans, blog writing and developing targeted promotional campaigns, to pricing analysis, market research and more. We are here to ease your load and keep your marketing on track, freeing you up to get on with running your business.

Simply pre-purchase the number of hours you need each month, then outsource your chosen marketing tasks to us – cost-effective and stress-free. We love to immerse ourselves in bustling small businesses and relish the opportunity to become part of your extended team.

  • Short-term retainer (3-months): ideal for seasonal businesses and start-ups who need extra help during busy periods.
  • Long-term retainer (6-months+): suited to growing businesses who need additional resources but don’t yet want to invest in permanent staff.
  • 18 years+ marketing experience working with big brands and small (without the hefty agency price tag)
  • Best practice guidance and top tips for low-cost marketing activities that get results
  • Flexible, professional marketing support on-tap whenever you need it
  • Plenty of fresh ideas, enthusiasm and encouragement
  • Peace of mind that your marketing activities are in safe hands
  • A huge productivity boost with regular updates and feedback on how things are going
(Prices are calculated based on the number of marketing hours required per month, and over how many months. £165 per month is equivalent to three hours of marketing support each month on a retainer basis).

Client Feedback

“Choosing to work with Paula was one of the best moves I made this year – she did so much more than I could ever anticipate. I really needed help and insight to make the most of my short summer season. Paula helped me implement an online competition, launch a seasonal blog, grow my business locally and build my online profile – all whilst continually providing support, feedback, ideas and much-needed encouragement! She exceeded my expectations, working tirelessly to improve my business whilst putting in as much effort as if it was her own. I would highly recommend Paula and am so very grateful for all her help and guidance.”


Small Business Marketing Plan Coaching Programme £595

Invest in yourself and create a bespoke marketing plan to fast-track your business

For small business owners who want to take control of their marketing once and for all and build a robust, yet manageable plan of action for growth.

Experience has shown us that businesses who see the best long-term results from their marketing plans, roll up their sleeves and get involved in building them. Getting stuck in at the planning stage means that as your business grows, you’ll have the confidence to approach your marketing with informed, strategic know-how. You’ll also feel more empowered and accountable than if we simply write your marketing plan for you (though we can of course do that too!).

Our Small Business Marketing Plan Coaching Programme breaks down the key components of a marketing plan into six, easy-to-digest sections. We’ll work 1-2-1 with you through each section to help you build a strong foundation for business growth. No more time-consuming Google searches, ploughing through business books or posting into online groups for advice. Invest in yourself and we’ll partner with you to build a targeted 12-month marketing plan that works for your unique business.

  • 6 x 90-minute coaching sessions, each covering a key component of the marketing planning process. Sessions are carried out either by phone/Skype*
  • Expert 1-2-1 guidance as we work together through each step of building your bespoke small business marketing plan
  • Tailored advice and a wealth of smart marketing strategies for business growth
  • A set of clear, personalised action points to work through following each planning session
  • Ongoing email support throughout the Programme
  • 2 x 30-minute follow-up accountability calls upon Programme completion (phone/Skype) to keep you on track for success

PLUS you’ll also receive a Marketing Planning Coaching Programme document folder to keep all your session notes together for easy future reference.

Flexible and convenient, you can schedule your marketing planning sessions to fit in with your working week (though we recommend that you complete all 6 sessions within a 3-month period so as not to lose momentum). There will also be some action points for you to complete after each session – but don’t worry, they’ll be straight-forward and we’re always on hand to help!

Session 1: Lay the foundations
Deep dive review of where your business is and where you want it to go PLUS set clear goals for your year ahead.

Session 2: Get to know your customers
Identify and profile your ideal customers PLUS guidance on how to reach more customers.

Session 3: Build a confident brand voice
Establish your unique selling point (USP) PLUS develop a confident brand voice/personality.

Session 4: Understand your competition
Review of competitor brands to identify marketing opportunities (and address any of your weaknesses!).

Session 5: Website & social media audit
Review of your website and social media platforms PLUS a succinct action plan for quick wins.

Session 6: Build your bespoke marketing strategy
Develop a succinct 12-month plan of targeted, strategic marketing activities that you will help you achieve your goals – practical and actionable.

*(We are able to offer a face-to- face Coaching Programme option to clients in the Hampshire and West Sussex area. Outside of this area, face-to- face Programme delivery would entail two extended 1-2-1 sessions (with the 6 sessions split for example as follows; Sessions 1-3 and subsequently Sessions 4-6). Price will vary depending on location. A payment plan is available for the Small Business Marketing Plan Coaching Programme).

Client Feedback

“I can’t recommend Paula enough. She’s my missing ingredient to working happy. I’ve worked as a freelancer for many years and, although things were ticking over, I had no organisation or planning in place. I just worked 24/7 trying to do everything. Paula has remarkable knowledge and marketing experience but also she is also full of empathy and understanding to my way of thinking. A great team. I’m really excited to implement her coaching plan which is already seeing benefits. I’m looking forward to working with Paula long term and it feels great give my business a spring clean with more focus and business drive.”