Writing tips to help make your content king! (Part 1)

//Writing tips to help make your content king! (Part 1)

Writing tips to help make your content king! (Part 1)

Stuck for ideas on creating great content for your website? Content Strategist Rachel Hodges is here with a 2-part blog – sharing easy to implement tips for writing effective and engaging online content.

In Rachel’s last guest blog, she guided us through the basics of SEO and provided expert tips for optimising your website.  For most small businesses, it’s the content part of the SEO strategy where you’ll spend most of your time and that will likely have the greatest impact.

Blogging builds your online profile

Creating blog posts and social networking entries that are keyword-rich and lead back to your website is a great way to expand the amount of relevant content out there that points to you.

Starting a blog has a positive impact – you’ll produce a bank of relevant and frequently updated content that search engines will find and list. Be sure to write for your audience (don’t just create content for boosting SEO), and you will produce a blog that brings people back to your site again and again to read your expertise.

Top tips for creating content (quickly!)

Creating original content doesn’t always have to mean slaving away on 2,000+ word blog posts. Here are my tips for efficiently creating something original:

1. Share their thoughts

If you regularly keep up with industry news, cut and paste these into your own blog post bulletin. Not only does it show you know your subject, but this refreshed content will keep people returning to your website.

2. Conduct an expert interview

Put one or a series of questions to several subject experts. Once you have their responses, paste them into your blog post for something totally unique that hasn’t taken you hours to research.

3. Share your successes

If your business has gained press coverage or your website features success stories, make sure you blog about them too. They’ll reach a different audience and give your great exposure.

4. Gather user-generated content

Ask your most engaged customers to submit pictures of them using your products or submit reviews of what they like about it.

5. Publish “behind-the-scenes” posts

Show your customers more about your business by posting short films shot around your shop, office or place of work. Film key company personalities.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Rachel will be back with part 2 next week – sharing her top tips for putting the strategy into your content.

Rachel Hodges is a freelance Content Strategist. Highly experienced, Rachel works with start-ups building their first website or established businesses wanting to take their current site to the next level. She offers a complete website optimisation service, content migration planning and has a strong copywriting background. Rachel loves to help others unlock the power of SEO and ultimately learn to love it. Find out more about Rachel and her work at rachelhodges.co.uk

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