Top tips: How collaborations build brand awareness

//Top tips: How collaborations build brand awareness

Top tips: How collaborations build brand awareness

Looking for a low-cost way to give your small business a boost? Think brand collaborations!

We’ve talked before on the blog about the benefits of partnering with other brands (collaborations offer a brilliant marketing opportunity for small businesses on a budget, yet they are often overlooked as a potential marketing tool). This week, we’re absolutely delighted to hand over to Claudi & Fin who have generously shared valuable insights into how they have supercharged their social media reach through brand collaborations. Over to Claudi & Fin:

Brand collaborations offer a host of benefits

Strategic partnerships can be a highly effective way to increase brand awareness, break into new markets and grow a social media audience.  However, for such strategic alliances to truly work the value perceptions, target audiences, brand values and promotion channels need to match.

We firmly believe in smart partnerships at Claudi and Fin. Collaborations provide a fantastic way for our brand to supercharge social media reach.  Collaborative content via our social media channels always garner high levels of engagement and we find them to be a winning way to supercharge reach.

A successful partnership requires like-minded brands

Teaming up with similar brands provides a new way to engage our current followers and customers with exciting content and reach out to new audiences.

So, aligning ourselves with like-minded brands has a dual purpose.  Partnering not only helps us to reach out to new audiences and thus increase our social media followers.  It also helps us define ourselves as a brand through association. We have a very clear idea of our avatar, ‘the Claudi & Fin customer’ and we affiliate with a brand targeting a similar audience.

Collaborative competitions on Facebook can boost reach (on a budget!)

We collaborate with brands on fortnightly competitions via Facebook.  Why Facebook? Facebook is constantly changing its news feed algorithm and it really does limit a brand’s ability to reach their fans without a hefty budget. Competitions (and in particular, collaborative competitions) are proving to be a good strategy to get the reach we need without paying for posts. They are an inexpensive way to reach lots of people, build great relationships with other brands and they are also very targeted.

A nice example is our most recent competition on our Facebook page with Little Dish. Within a few hours, the post reach is 3,630, with almost 100 likes and almost 50 shares.  As Facebook itself comments on the post, “This post if performing better than 95% of other posts on your Page”.

Little Dish are of course tagged in the post so their followers can see what we’re doing over on our page and get involved.

Organic reach on Facebook is dying

The competition from the previous month reached over 10,000 people, good stats when we have 18,000 followers, approximately 55% reach.  When organic reach is pretty much dying, you can see why this strategy works for us.  (In 2012 Facebook page posts reached just 16% of a brands fans organically*, as of 2014 this figure was set to be just 6%).

Step outside of Facebook to promote your competition

Moving on from Facebook, other platforms can piggy-back on the collaborative competition. Competitions provide great content for the blog page on a brand website.  New content on the website keeps Google happy.  And we share the competition, linking to our Facebook page each time, on Instagram with some great keyword hashtags.

Twitter is also in on the act, with several tweets on the day, the day after, the week later and a reminder tweet the day before the competition closes.  Again, our collaborative partner is tagged in so that they can share our content.

Mix up your content to keep your audience engaged

A word of warning, avoid competition only content.  It works for Claudi & Fin because we mix up our content with a range of fun and informative content.  Our feed isn’t constant brand advertising as this would turn our audience off and certainly wouldn’t attract new members.

We intersperse competitions with fun content, videos, healthy food recipes, parenting tips as well as facts and figures.  Mixing things up leads to more shares, more interaction and better engagement.

Collaboration for growth works both ways

And let’s remember that our strategic partnerships are reciprocal.  We are happy to offer product to like-minded brands.  We look at their reach, their followers, their fans, and if the numbers work, we’re more than happy to work with them.  In fact, if we see a smaller brand, just starting out but we share the same brand values, we’re happy to collaborate.

Collaboration for growth works both ways and if smaller brands can benefit through a partnership with us, we’re more than happy to help out.

Final thought

Social media is an inexpensive and very targeted way to reach lots of people.  Collaborative competitions supercharge reach and enable us to touch a new audience. And they have proved to be absolutely invaluable to us for increasing brand awareness.

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