Recommended read: Born to Blog

//Recommended read: Born to Blog

Recommended read: Born to Blog

To blog or not to blog? That is the question (well, a question that my clients frequently ask!). As a small business owner with limited time available, is starting a blog right for my business?

Blogging can be very powerful

In my experience, it depends on the business and what you want to achieve with your blog. For the majority of businesses, a well-kept blog is a brilliant, low-cost marketing tool. A blog enables you to showcase your expertise, build credibility and drive brand awareness.

Creating fresh content and audience engagement also helps to drive traffic to your website and generate new business. Brilliant!

A blog isn’t right for every business

But for some businesses, maintaining a blog can become an unnecessary headache. A highly niche business for example, may see little benefit from writing a blog. Or at least, may be more successful in generating new business in another way.

And some business owners simply detest writing and waste far too much (valuable!) time struggling with what to write. Time that could perhaps be more productively spent in other areas of their business.

How to be a successful blogger

But if, you do want to build a blog, how do you make it a success? How do you ensure that your time and effort is rewarded?

Our recommended read for August is Born to Blog by Mark Schaefer. It’s a great read – packed with practical tips on how to start and manage a winning blog.

Covering everything from why you should start a blog and what to write about, to measuring your blog and attracting readers – this book offers lots of valuable advice that can be put to use straight away.

Mark Schaefer’s Born to Blog.

My top blogging tip

If you’re going to start a blog, create a solid content plan. Be committed to regularly planning out your content for the next month or two and stick to it. And be realistic about how often you can post. To reap the benefits of blogging, it needs to be well-maintained with consistent content. A lapsed or erratic blog looks poor and won’t reflect well on your brand.

Do you have a business book you’d like to recommend? Please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. If your book is selected to be featured in next month’s review, we will credit you and include a link to your website.

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