Marketing not making an impact?

//Marketing not making an impact?

Marketing not making an impact?

Do you ever feel like your marketing isn’t getting you anywhere? That you’re putting in the hard work but nothing really sets your brand on fire? Perhaps you find it difficult to the find time to proactively market your business each week. Then you need a marketing plan!

(And if you already have one, then you need to revisit it and find out why it isn’t working – sometimes, it is as simple as you’re not following your plan!).

What a difference a plan makes!

I digress from marketing to illustrate my point.  Recently I have been following a 28-day health and fitness plan to get fitter, healthier and stronger. Following a recent personal health scare, getting my health in good order became really important to me. As a mum to two gorgeous boys, I want to be in optimal health. So, I decided to invest in some personal training sessions. Time to set a goal and go for it! No more general fitness, I wanted results!

With the help of my PT and a clear plan in place I set to work. And in just 28 days, I have achieved:

  • 2kg+ weight loss
  • Ran a 5km PB at a local charity event (28.44 mins – taking nearly 3 minutes off my usual time!).
  • Sleeping better and having so much more energy
  • Feeling happier and more focused

And now that the 28 days are up, I am going to continue with the plan because it makes sense. I have a goal, I have a series of defined (measurable) steps to get me there, and just like in small business – it’s the small, consistent steps that will keep me on track and help me to achieve what I want.

Back to marketing planning

These results are simply down to having a plan in place, and a commitment to achieving an end goal. And the same is true of a marketing plan. Without a plan, it is so easy to get side-tracked when juggling the daily demands of running a business. And as a result, you will weaken your sales efforts, risk missed opportunities and leave yourself wide open to overspend.

So, if you want to get great marketing results (and of course, to maximise your profitability!), you need a plan! These marketing features will help you get started:

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Need marketing planning advice for your small business? Get in touch! We offer a FREE, no obligation initial consultation. Find out more about Our Services

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