Liz Earle’s 3 top tips for business success

//Liz Earle’s 3 top tips for business success

Liz Earle’s 3 top tips for business success

I was absolutely delighted to hear Liz Earle MBE – best-selling author, wellbeing advocate and broadcaster – speak at the Country Living Spring Fair last week.

Liz co-founded Liz Earle Beauty Co. in 1995, building it into one of Britain’s biggest and most successful independent beauty brands before it was sold in 2010, and again last year to Walgreens Boots Alliance, part of the Boots family. Liz remains a global brand ambassador for Liz Earle. She has published her own wellbeing magazine, is heavily involved with charity work and ecological campaigning, and has most recently launched an award-winning range of Fairtrade jewellery.

Passionate and engaging, Liz shared her valuable advice on growing a successful business – and has kindly given me permission to share my three key take-outs on the Marketing Vision blog.

1. Crawl, walk, run

To launch a sustainable business, it is vital to plan and to spend time building strong foundations. A ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach allows you to grow a robust, financially healthy business – providing a firm base from which you can flourish.

Starting any new business is exciting but can also be fraught with challenges. Adopting a crawl, walk, run mentality (versus a scattergun, sporadic one!) gives you a greater control and will also help reduce the risk of making poor financial decisions.

2. Hold strong on your business vision

Stay true to your business vision and have faith in your decisions. Having worked in product marketing on global brands for many years prior to founding Marketing Vision, I was very interested to hear Liz talk about this in context of their classic hero product – Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

Despite frequent demand from retailers, Liz Earle decided not to launch different types of cleansers. A decision driven by their whole-hearted belief in their product (and it’s suitability for all skin types), and their wider business vision. With retail being such a competitive space with a constant pressure on brands to innovate, this strength is truly impressive.

3. OK is not enough

Only the best will do – and ‘ok’ is never enough. Liz discussed this in reference to the beauty company’s ingredients – but it can of course relate to any aspect of a business. Liz Earle products are made using only the finest botanical and naturally ingredients. ‘Ok’ or substitute ingredients will never suffice. This principle is also communicated very clearly on their website.

Integrity and a commitment to delivering the best possible product or service is crucial for business success. These values form part of your brand identity – shaping how people identify with and perceive your brand. A clear brand identity based on honesty and strong ethics, goes a long way to creating a lasting and valuable customer relationship.

A huge thank you to Liz Earle for her kind permission to share her top tips for success. It is always fascinating to hear from successful business owners and to share experiences and advice.

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