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Get involved with Small Business Saturday

Throughout the year we are very lucky to meet and work with many incredible small businesses and start-ups. The passion and drive of each business owner is infectious. And this year, through working closely with Country Living, we have also connected with a growing community of aspiring entrepreneurs looking to turn their hobby or passion into a business.

The importance of Small Business Saturday

It is our passion to work closely with these small businesses and start-ups, to provide professional marketing support that helps them to launch and grow successful enterprises. And that’s why we love Small Business Saturday – a fantastic campaign for all small businesses (and customers!) to get involved with.

Small Business Saturday is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities. The day itself takes place on the first Saturday in December each year (so that’s this coming weekend on Saturday 3rd December. Be sure to get involved!), but the campaign aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses.

Give small businesses some love

We are delighted that Michelle Ovens MBE, Director of Small Business Saturday is here to share a few words with us about the importance of the campaign:

With 5.5 million small businesses in the UK, the chances are you are one, work for one, or your neighbour, partner or cousin does. Small businesses are deeply personal to us all, which is why it is so important to support them both on Small Business Saturday and year round. Small businesses bring local colour, an often personal service and are the engine of innovation in the economy. They are also employment with over half of private sector jobs being with small businesses. Whether it is your local deli, corner shop, plumbers, web developer or window cleaner, make sure you give small
businesses some love this December 3rd.

We hear from 3 small business owners

With this year’s Small Business Saturday main event just around the corner (remember this coming weekend, on Saturday 3rd December!), we asked three small business owners, ‘Why is it so important for consumers to support small businesses?’

The local community and economy benefits

Justine Jenner, founder of Justine Jenner Pottery says:

As a small business I am able to offer each customer a bespoke service, direct contact with myself and a chance to talk through the process behind the pottery they buy or commission. Each piece needs to be made to a high quality as reputation is key when building a small business. There is no place to hide, no customer relations team to take the flak if a product disappoints or is delivered late. Integrity is key and the need to build a good rapport with each customer.

When selling locally a sense of community is engendered. In an age of internet shopping from large corporations or buying homewares from high street retailers it is refreshing to offer people a beautiful and unique product, sold directly from the maker, myself. Small businesses also plough their money back into the local economy, whether buying from other small businesses, or supporting local charities and schools.


Justine Jenner in her pottery studio.

Personal customer relationships develop

Independent knitwear designer Kate Box, founder of Kate Box Knitwear shares:

Buying from a small business or second hand has always been important to me, even before I became a small business owner myself. I’ve always welcomed the opportunity to own something individual that has been well-designed, with attention to detail and using quality materials. Now I have my own knitwear business I hope I offer these things and more.

As a designer/maker I’m able to build relationships with my customers and can act upon feedback quickly, without having to wait for approval from higher up the line. Not having to work to factory production minimums means I can bend rules by making small batches of products or being unlimited in the amount of colours I use. I think this freedom makes the product extra special and it’s these little idiosyncrasies that small businesses can offer the marketplace that keep it diverse and interesting.


Kate Box at work in her home studio.

Independent designers are supported

Husband and wife team Josephine and James founded BlogAndBuySale to support independent designers and makers:

We have spent years building a community of amazing creative entrepreneurs who we know and love and have a passion for curating their beautiful products into the online store you see today. We love getting to know the makers, the design process and story of product.

We get so excited when people purchase from our small online shop, as you’re not just believing in us and our opinion on great design, but you are supporting our independent designers too!


BlodAndBuySale founders James and Josephine.

Thank you so much to all our amazing contributors. Here’s to a successful Small Business Saturday on 3rd December, and to a happy and prosperous 2017!

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