How to effectively promote your small business with YouTube

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How to effectively promote your small business with YouTube

Standing out on social media can be a tricky business. As news feeds get busier, it is becoming increasingly challenging to create ‘thumb-stopping content’ that grabs people’s attention.

Enter YouTube and the power of video! Creating and posting quality video content on YouTube can be a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd – to engage with audiences, boost visibility and strengthen credibility.

YouTube offers small businesses a cost-effective way to share video content with a large, targeted audience (in fact, YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine in the world after Google). And whilst Instagram and Facebook are great for creating and sharing short videos, YouTube has the edge for businesses wanting to promote lengthier content such as product demonstrations, tutorials and crowdfunding campaigns.

So how can you leverage YouTube for your small business? We asked Karina Perdomo, Co-Founder of London video production company The Quick Brown Fox to share her top 5 tips for promoting a small business with YouTube:

1. Create regular content

If the goal of your YouTube channel is to grow your subscribers list, we recommend posting videos once a week – on the same day and around the same time. This consistent approach encourages viewers to expect new content regularly and keep returning to your channel.

It is also crucial to create sets of videos around a theme that the subscribers will be interested in. (The most popular YouTube channels are those that have high volumes of consistently updated video content).

2. Write a great description of your video

Be sure to add the proper tags and a transcript or thorough description of your video content as this will help your video rank up higher in searches. Video descriptions should be short, informative and include your top keywords. Remember to also include a link to your website for visitors who want to know more.

3. Customise your channel

Brand your YouTube channel with your brand colours, logo and tone to create a strong brand identity. The ‘Playlist creation’ tool gives you options to design the way your channel looks to visitors. And remember, no ‘egghead’ profile pictures – customise it with something of your own. Use high-quality channel cover images and always use an engaging thumbnail for all of your uploaded pictures.

4. Share the love

Don’t confine your videos to YouTube. Create super-short teasers of your videos inviting people from other platforms (for example, Facebook and Instagram) to visit and/or subscribe to your YouTube channel. You want people to view, share and engage with your YouTube video content as much as possible.

5. Length and pace are important

YouTube videos work best if they are longer and slower paced, but don’t overdo it! Because YouTube rewards longer viewing retention, your videos don’t need to be as snappy or short as those for Facebook or Instagram. This is an actual function in their algorithm and although you could argue that any video can be uploaded to any social media platform, the truth is that specific channels value specific types of content. YouTube is more focused on serving longer, higher quality content to keep visitors on the site for longer. YouTube videos with the most engagement are actually 10 x longer than their Facebook counterparts.

Consumers want video

It is predicted that by 2020, video content will account for 80% of all internet traffic. Consumers are also increasingly hungry for video. Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. So with that in mind, it really is time to get serious about video and see what it can do for your small business!


About The Quick Brown Fox:

The Quick Brown Fox is a growing video production company with a real love for the carefully crafted moving image. From our South-West London base, we offer our clients over 15 years of film-making and video editing experience combined with creative backgrounds in Architecture and Sound Design. Our social media savvy team can help put your business on the map with engaging video content. We proudly help businesses and organisations tell their story in a captivating way that captures their audience imagination. Whatever the size of a project, there’s no need to be nervous about having our filming crew over.

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