Don’t try to market to everyone – think niche!

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Don’t try to market to everyone – think niche!

For marketing success, it is vital that you really understand your target audience. Sounds obvious, yet many businesses rush into running broad, untargeted marketing campaigns (under the assumption that they will reach the largest possible audience).

But a general approach to your marketing will only result in a diluted message that ends up not appealing to anyone. Disappointment all round.

Knowledge is power

The role of your marketing is to move people through a series of steps from cold prospects (who may be completely new to your brand) to happy, satisfied customers (who will in turn, become promoters of your brand – yay!).


Great marketing moves people from the ‘BEFORE’ state to the ‘AFTER’ state (Source:

To successfully move people through this customer journey, you need to invest time in getting to know your target audience. Go beyond the obvious demographics (e.g., gender, age, profession and geographic location). You really need to dig deep – for example, what are their goals, challenges and frustrations? What motivates them? How and where do they consume information?

Understanding your customers at this deeper level is pivotal to creating marketing content that appeals to and engages with your audience (and ensures that you communicate your message through the most appropriate channels).  This information will also help you to develop products/services that fulfil a genuine customer need.

Getting to know your customers will improve your marketing

Understanding your customers will impact every marketing decision that you make for your business, for example:

  1. Content marketing: What blog posts, videos, podcasts and other content are you going to create and/or share with your audience? What will capture their attention and engage them?
  2. Social media marketing: Which social media platforms are your target audience active on and when? How can you reach them most effectively?
  3. Email marketing: What are you going to say in your email communications? How will you segment your database for maximum impact?
  4. Search marketing: What solutions are your potential customers searching for in major search engines such as Google? Which keywords should you include in your site?
  5. Copywriting: What tone of voice and language style will resonate with your audience? What frustrations are they experiencing and how will you compel them to buy from you?

Niche is best

To achieve the best marketing results (and maximise your return on investment (ROI)), don’t be afraid to really niche down your core audience.

And remember that a target market is just that – a target. Other types of customers will always come to you if you are offering them something they need at the time.

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