How can a marketing plan help my small business?

//How can a marketing plan help my small business?

How can a marketing plan help my small business?

Would you like to find out more about how a marketing plan can help your small business? Then please read on.

Jo Kane, founder of boutique coaching organisation, Trailblazers generously shares her experience of working with Marketing Vision Consultancy to build their marketing plan.

Founded in 2004, Trailblazers specialise in coaching and team and leadership development programmes. Jo and husband Seb work closely with corporations, helping them engage, inspire and motivate their leaders and teams to achieve sustainable, successful performance.

Why did Trailblazers need a marketing plan?

Trailblazers has been a successful business working with a small number of very high profile clients. We had a reputation of delivering outstanding results within the areas we worked but had not leveraged that reputation within our client-base or the wider marketplace.

Trailblazers had a strategic objective of reaching a larger audience while keeping the business personal and boutique. We needed a marketing plan to help us transition from boutique to global boutique.

How did you find the marketing planning process?

The process was very useful and Paula made it straight-forward and enjoyable.

Largely it was something we knew we needed to do but just didn’t want to look at. Paula took the pain of it away by having a clear process and applying her marketing experience to focus on the essentials.

How has creating a marketing plan helped your business?

It has helped us look at our branding consistency and at the areas we need to develop in order to transition the business.

By carefully going through the marketing planning process we were able to highlight some major requirements and are now in the process of putting them into action.

What are three key changes that you’ve made since developing your marketing plan?

  1. We have focused on improving our website by making it more personal, simplifying the wording and integrating video to make the site more dynamic.
  2. We have significantly increased our social media usage, in particular focusing on our own blogs and guest blogging on other sites.
  3. We have increased focus on our personal PR and have started to gain coverage in local papers and have also won regional awards. PR is a fantastic way for us to elevate the ‘personality’ of our business.

What advice would you give to a small business without a marketing plan?

If you don’t have a marketing plan you might be wasting energy on things that are not effective and you may be missing out on opportunities.

We use our marketing plan as a work in progress and it gives us something to benchmark our activities against.

Do you have a marketing plan question that you’d like help with? Tweet me @MarketingVC or get in touch via the website. We’d love to hear from you!

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