All I want for Christmas is…

//All I want for Christmas is…

All I want for Christmas is…

At Marketing Vision HQ we’re fiercely passionate about supporting small businesses. It’s what we’re all about.

At this time of year, we feel that it is particularly important to get behind small businesses when choosing Christmas gifts for your loved ones. By purchasing from a small business, not only will that person do a happy dance (guaranteed!), you will also be supporting someone continue to build their dream business and provide for their family. What could be better reason than that?!

In the spirit of shopping small, we asked some of our fabulous small business friends to share what’s on their Christmas list. Here’s a sneak peek!

Chloe Robertson, Design by Smith

I love the Honeybourne Jewellery shop. I’ve not historically been a fan of jewellery but I stumbled across their shop on a visit to Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. It seems more like art as jewellery to me – really crafted and beautiful. My first piece was an embroidered picture of a poppy field, encased in a wooden surround, and finished as a necklace. It reminds me of the beautiful South Downs which are so important to me. I would love these dragonfly earrings for Christmas as I currently only have necklaces.

Honeybourne Jewellery Miniature Dragonfly stud earrings.


Gemma Whates, All By Mama

My choice is a Christmas Yearbook from Two Little Boys. I think it’s a lovely idea to record what we are doing each year so that my two boys have something to look back on when they are older. I also love the space provided for family and friends to write little messages.

The Christmas Yearbook, Two Little Boys

Kate Box, Kate Box Knitwear

On my wish list for Christmas this year would be a painting by Debbie George. Debbie’s small-scale, still life paintings are always meticulously composed of seasonal flowers showcased in any number of her wonderful vintage ceramic jugs, cups or vases. Debbie was (and remains) such a welcoming supportive influence on Instagram when I first started promoting my business in the early part of 2016 and she epitomises all that is good about social media. A Debbie George painting for Christmas would be an absolute treat.

Hare and Nasturtiums, Debbie George.


Louise Pettifer, Artist

I love walking in the countryside and if a plant catches my eye I often want to stop and make a quick drawing. In the winter that can be a bit chilly, so I will be hoping for some Kate Box wrist warmers, they would be perfect, as they would keep me warm and I’d still be free to move my fingers. If I am very lucky perhaps I’ll have a large wrap scarf from her too.

Kate Box Knit wristwarmers in elderberry.


 Justine Jenner, Justine Jenner Pottery

Top of my wish list? This beautiful ring by Pearl and the Moon, aka new, upcoming jeweller Melanie Lucas. Having my hands in clay and water every day means they undergo some pretty punishing treatment. It’s a treat to wear a stylish ring, such as the one shown, when I am away from the potter’s wheel. (Insta link)

Pearl and the Moon ring by Melanie Lucas.


Paula Hutchings, Marketing Vision

As for me, well I am a big planner and am always on the lookout for gorgeous stationery that makes getting organised more fun! A short while back I came across the fabulous Doodlelove on Instagram and pretty much love every single product that founder Lela creates! But, my favourites would have to be Lela’s Good Vibes Only Motivational Calendar and You’ve Got This Weekly Desk Planner. I think these might just be the perfect combination to kick off a successful 2018!

Doodlelove’s ‘Good Vibes Only’ calendar.

Over to you

When I left my Sydney-based corporate marketing role in 2009, I was managing large global brands with million-dollar marketing budgets. TV, print, PR, online and more – ongoing product innovation, ‘360°’ marketing campaigns (basically means all bases covered!), creative agencies, PR agencies and so on. All working together to build brand awareness and drive sales.

Now I work with small businesses but oh, it is so much more rewarding! The budgets are significantly smaller of course, but with great passion and a dash of creative thinking, limited funds can still achieve brilliant results! I continue to be inspired by the small business owners I meet and work with, and really encourage you to shop small this Christmas.

Happy shopping!

Don’t forget also that Small Business Saturday is coming up on Saturday 2nd December. Now in its 5th year, there are lots of ways for you to get involved!

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