7 business-boosting benefits of great content marketing

//7 business-boosting benefits of great content marketing

7 business-boosting benefits of great content marketing

As a small business owner with ever-growing demands being made on your time, throw in another ‘must do’ marketing activity and you might feel fit to burst!

But the essential marketing activity covered here – content marketing – is not a new concept, and you are probably already doing it to some extent.

So what is content marketing? And how can it benefit your small business?

Content marketing defined

Content marketing is essentially all about creating or curating quality content that will acquire and retain customers, but without selling to them.

Consumers are so tired of the hard sell! They want brands to engage with them rather than talk at them. They whizz through television adverts, flick past magazine adverts and are adept at navigating their way around online without even registering promotional banners or buttons.

So with such savvy consumers, how can you engage with your target audience?

Enter content marketing!

Content marketing presents an alternative, non-interruption marketing technique that can help you connect with your customers. At the core of this strategy, is the concept that providing customers with consistently valuable information on an ongoing basis (no hard sell in sight!) will ultimately be rewarded with their business and loyalty.

Content that you distribute to your audience might be aggregated from outside sources (with you acting as your audience’s researcher), or could be in the form of blogs, videos, pictures, infographics, case studies, self-generated tips or advice and so on.

How can content marketing benefit my small business?

The great news for small businesses is that content marketing strategies can be adapted for use on any scale. This marketing technique doesn’t have to mean big budgets.

A targeted, well-planned content marketing strategy offers many benefits:

  1. A cost-efficient way to promote your business (great for shoestring marketing budgets)
  2. A credibility and trust boost for your business and brand
  3. The opportunity to influence consumer purchasing behaviour
  4. Referral traffic from other websites
  5. A powerful SEO tool to increase the visibility of your website
  6. Creates a two-way conversation with both existing and potential customers
  7. Establishes and communicates your brand/brand personality to help you stand out from the crowd

Inspiration for your content marketing strategy

So who does content marketing well? Innocent drinks immediately springs to mind! Innocent may be a big business now, but they famously started out from pretty humble beginnings selling their smoothies at a festival back in 1999.

Innocent do content marketing fantastically well and as a result, have in recent years been voted as the ‘most social’ brand in Britain.

Innocent cleverly use their packaging as a way of communicating with their customers. They also actively engage with customers on relevant social media channels – Facebook and Twitter (note: no hard sell). This aspirational brand has a ton of great content marketing ideas on their website – ranging from videos, games, and pictures to competitions and more – all encouraging consumer engagement in a fun and interesting way.

Ok, so you might not have the marketing budget of a brand like Innocent – but don’t be deterred. Looking at successful brands should act as an inspiration for what you can achieve in your business on scale that you can afford.

Recipe for success

Remember that a successful content marketing is best integrated with your overall marketing plan and should not be seen as a separate process.

Have you got a question on content marketing? Tweet me @MarketingVC or get in touch via the website, we’d love to hear from you.

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