30 minutes to make a difference

//30 minutes to make a difference

30 minutes to make a difference

Last month I doubled my July income because I carried out one simple activity that took just 30 minutes.

In June I sent a personalised email to my core clients to let them know that I would be away for most of August, asking them to book in early if they had projects  to work on. And I was delighted with the response (and of course the opportunity to work with them on a number of brilliant projects!).

Clarity makes all the difference

But why did this one activity have such an impact on my business? Because it was focused.

Clarity makes all the difference – a gem of advice that we were given at the Women in Digital Enterprise 6-week growth accelerator course I recently attended. Focus on a single activity, avoid distractions and just get on with it. Sound advice. Not always easy to do in practise – but the results speak for themselves.

Focus on the tasks that will have the greatest impact

As small business owners, we get pulled in a crazy number of different directions. And quite simply, we can’t do it all. So sometimes, we need to step back and focus on tackling the task(s) that will make the biggest difference to our businesses.

For me, when I need to work on tasks like this, I head to my favourite local café. No distractions. No technology. Just a good old-fashioned notebook and pen!

30 minutes to make a difference

So, as you juggle your ever-growing to-do list, ask yourself this crucial question:

What ONE 30-minute task would make the biggest difference in your business this summer?

We’ve put together a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Need to get out and about more to raise your profile or brand awareness? Put together a shortlist of five key events you’d like to attend during the next 6-9 months and get your tickets booked. Don’t delay – get booking today! Enterprise Nation run a fantastic range of events perfect for small business owners so be sure to check them out.
  2. Got some products you need to sell through before the festive season? Create a stocklist of the items you want to move through and pull together a simple summer promotion. It could be a % discount, limited-time free postage offer, flash sale or something bigger. Whatever you choose, get it up online and get promoting!
  3. Want to increase your product distribution? Shortlist 10 retailers who’d you’d like to stock your product and get researching. Who do you need to talk to about your products? What information will they want to know? How can you make contact with them? Pick your top 3 and make a plan to start a conversation/dialogue with them. I highly recommend Clare Rayner’s invaluable book ‘How to Sell to Retail’ if you want to grow your business by selling to retailers.
  4. Is summer quiet for you with the majority of your client-base sunning themselves on the Med? Or perhaps you’re juggling like crazy with limited childcare over the holidays? Either way, use your time wisely and devise a business-boosting marketing activity to kickstart things in early September.
  5. Thinking about running a social media competition this autumn? Now’s a great time to look into the type of competition you’d like to run, assess potential brand partners and how to ensure a successful campaign. Not sure what you need to do? Check out this brilliant post by social media experts Avocado Social on how to plan, create and run a successful social media competition.

So, there you have it! Now it’s over to you to focus on your business – What ONE 30-minute task are you going to work on this month to take your business forward? Do let us know how you get on, we’d love to hear from you!