3 quick tips to help you sell more at Christmas markets

//3 quick tips to help you sell more at Christmas markets

3 quick tips to help you sell more at Christmas markets

With the festive season fast-approaching, Christmas markets will soon be popping up all over the UK. From national events like the Country Living Christmas Fairs and large, award-winning Christmas markets in various locations around the country, to more small-scale local events. Whatever your event, if Christmas markets are on your marketing calendar, it is well-worth putting a little extra thought into your planning so that you can make the most of this sales opportunity.

So, how can you attract customers and boost sales in a busy market environment? We share 3 quick tips:

1) Add height to your stand to increase visibility.

Building height into your stand is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd – not least because your stall can be easily spotted across a busy hall/outdoor market. Simple, branded signage (company name/logo) is very effective and provides a great branding opportunity also. Additionally, rather than lying items out flat on your table, use props, boxes or shelving to showcase your products at eye level and create an attention-grabbing display that engages people. (By doing this, you will also add more space for your stock). You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to view and access all of your products (you don’t want them to just take a quick scan or be unable to reach something and move on to the next stall!).

Designers from left to right: Kate Box Knit, Louise Pettifer, Hannah Nunn, Mrs. Best.

2) Display your prices clearly.

At a busy market it is easy to get caught up making a sale when other potential customers have a price query. Impatient or time-poor customers may just walk away if there isn’t  someone available to ask. Additionally, some customers may feel uncomfortable asking about prices in case they can’t afford what you’re selling. Having your pricing readily available can help avoid awkward conversations and missed sales opportunities. Be prepared and have your pricing clearly displayed on your stall. Label individual items and also display a large-format price list prominently to cover all bases – blackboards or printed lists either framed or displayed on an easel look great!

3) Make gift choice easy for your customers.

At this time of year, the majority of your customers are going to be purchasing gifts for friends, loved ones or colleagues. Presenting items in a ‘giftable’ way can really boost sales. From beautifully wrapping items so that they’re ‘ready to gift’ (there are plenty of ways to get creative here!), displaying items alongside similarly priced products, to promoting ‘market only’ special offers/bundles – think about how you can help your customers to make their gift choices more easily. When time and budgets are tight, simplifying the decision process for customers can really add value to your offering and drive sales.

Are you selling at a Christmas market this season? If you have a tip to share or would like a shout out to let people know where you will be, please do get in touch and let us know. Or you can simply connect via Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!