3 expert tips for a marketing plan that makes you money

//3 expert tips for a marketing plan that makes you money

3 expert tips for a marketing plan that makes you money

Are you tired of seeing ho-hum results from your marketing efforts? Feeling worried that you’re not making enough money? Perhaps you’re struggling to find the time to market your business effectively or simply don’t know where to start? Then, you need a marketing plan!

Make more money

You’re in business to make money, right? And if you want to make money, you need to focus on gaining new customers and keeping your existing customers happy (and loyal to you). Without customers regularly purchasing your products or services, you won’t stay in business for long.

Having a well-thought out marketing strategy in place will help you build a solid business with a strong, engaged customer base – laying the foundations for future growth.

Your strategic plan will also make life easier – consolidating all of your proposed marketing activities into one, central document (your marketing plan). You can then break these activities down further into monthly, weekly and even daily tasks to help you achieve your goals.

Boost your profits with a winning marketing plan

How can you maximise your marketing efforts? We’re sharing 3 top tips to get you started – practical advice that you can put into action right away in your business:

  1. Set clear, focused goals to keep you on track for success

Setting quantifiable goals in your marketing plan will help you properly allocate time and money to marketing strategies that work (and eliminate those that don’t). It also means that you’ll build a plan that is manageable, focused and exciting to follow.

Your marketing goals might look something like this (you may choose to target one or several – but aim to keep things simple):

  • Increase turnover vs. prior year by 50%.
  • Increase distribution by securing an additional ten retailers/stockists.
  • Grow online product sales to increase total profit by 40%.
  • Build website traffic to increase business leads by 20%.
  • Onboard five additional retainer clients.

Top Tip: Make sure that you consider the practicalities of how you’re going to bring your marketing plan to life. There is little point in putting together an all singing, all dancing plan if you don’t have the resources (time, skills or money) to realise it. Far better to simplify your plan, focus on a smaller number of core activities and do them really well.


  1. Break your plan down into manageable tasks

When it comes to bringing your plan to life, you need to break your activities down into monthly/weekly/daily tasks and be super-focused on completing each of these tasks. Running a small business can be very challenging, with many demands on your time and multiple hats to wear – leaving little time for you to devote to marketing. You need to use your time wisely.

To boost productivity and maximise the time that you have do available for marketing your business, find a method to plan and conquer in a way that best suits your individual work style. From online tools and apps, to trusty wall planners, weekly planners and more – find the solution that works for you. Plug in your core marketing activities from the plan into your weekly/monthly planner, check back regularly and be sure to stick to it. Focus and consistency will get you the best results – every time!

Top tip: Allocate a rough time estimate to each of the marketing activities detailed in your plan. Start populating your planner by blocking out time for the most time-consuming tasks first (this might be attending an event or drafting up your blog schedule for the next 6 months). Short tasks that take less than 30 minutes (e.g., scheduling next week’s social media posts or creating a series of images in Canva) can be slotted in where you see smaller pockets of time cropping up. You might even choose to tackle these shorter tasks on a train journey or during a quiet lunchbreak.

We use our printable planners to keep marketing activities on track!

  1. Track, measure and adjust (repeat!)

The small business world is constantly evolving, as is the wealth of marketing tools available to us. From email marketing and social media, to search marketing and more – digital marketing tools enable us to track how customers and our wider target audience engage with our brands, products and services.

But it is what you do with that information that is the crucial part. Low email open rates? Perhaps you need to re-think your subject headers and come up with something more enticing. High engagement on your latest Instagram post? Be sure to delve into your Instagram insights and see what you can learn and replicate in future posts. Are online sales more profitable for your business than via retail stockists? Adjust your digital marketing strategy to drive online sales and boost profits. And so on.

Top tip: A marketing plan is not set in stone – it should be a working document that you regularly refer back to. If something isn’t working, investigate into why not. Tweak and adjust as necessary. If something goes really well, look into why that was – and how you can replicate or upscale that in future marketing campaigns. Keep learning, stay current, be open to trying out new ideas, and most importantly – keep pushing your business forward. Little and often – with small business marketing, consistency is key. Make a plan, stick to it and you will reap the rewards!


Need help with your marketing?

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