3 Benefits of Instagram Business Profiles

//3 Benefits of Instagram Business Profiles

3 Benefits of Instagram Business Profiles

This week we are absolutely delighted that Alison Battisby, social media expert and Founder of Avocado Social, is here to share some valuable Instagram tips with us. We’ll hand straight over to Alison!

Instagram has been making a wave of changes this year as the Facebook-owned photography application looks to solidify its position as a leading social media network. Hitting 500 million monthly active users across the globe in October, Instagram has overtaken Twitter in terms of its active user base.

One of the many new features Instagram has introduced this year is Business Profiles, which offers some useful bonus tools for business owners.

So is it worth doing? I think so. Here are the 3 key benefits from upgrading to an Instagram Business Profile:

1. A Contact button

The main visible difference with Business Profiles is the new Contact button which sits at the top of your profile, above your biography. This new button allows customers to contact you directly through Instagram, with functionality that allows users to call, email or get directions to your business location. You can decide which information is shown to your audience by editing your profile, so if you would rather your phone number or email address wasn’t visible it is easy to remove it.

2. Free Insights

Six years after Instagram launched in 2010, the platform has launched its own free Insights section. This section is only visible to those using Business Profiles, and features information on impressions and follower demographics including age, gender and location. To access your Instagram Insights, look at the top right of your new business profile next to your settings wheel icon. You’ll see a bar graph icon that will take you to your Instagram Insights. Unfortunately, the impressions insights only offer data from the last seven days, so it’s best to screenshot your data once a week.

3. Boost Instagram Posts

The release of Business Profiles now brings the opportunity to boost your posts, as you can on Facebook, which means spending money to get your posts into the newsfeeds of your selected audience. By selecting the Promote button underneath each of your Instagram posts, you can select the budget you wish to spend, and who you wish to see your adverts. You can also direct traffic back to your website from these boosted posts, which you cannot do organically within Instagram.

Switching over to Business Profiles

Business Profiles bring some more advanced functionality to Instagram for business owners looking to improve their presence, and appear professional to customers. Switching over to a Business Profile on Instagram is a simple process, and does not mean starting from scratch with your account.  You simply use the cog button on the top right hand side of your profile and scroll to the option ‘Switch to Business Profile.’ You can switch back at any time, but you will then forfeit the new features.

This blog was written by Alison Battisby, founder of social media consultancy Avocado Social. To find out more about Avocado Social’s social media training and coaching, visit www.avocadosocial.com

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