27 simple ways to increase brand loyalty (& boost profits)

//27 simple ways to increase brand loyalty (& boost profits)

27 simple ways to increase brand loyalty (& boost profits)

Research shows that a 5% increase in customer retention can deliver 25-95% higher profits.

That’s a whopping impact on your potential profitability, right?

And it’s exactly why a strong marketing strategy should include a brand loyalty component. A well-thought out, targeted plan of actions that keep customers coming back for more, and create raving fans who happily spread the word about you.

Think about the last time you were really impressed by a business or brand. You probably went on to buy more from them, and perhaps even told friends and family about your positive experience. You want to consciously cultivate that ‘wow’ factor in your own business.

Source: Harvard Business Review

How to create brand loyalty

Delighting customers involves going that extra mile to deliver a memorable experience that creates brand loyalty and gets people talking about you.

First you must satisfy customers by providing the product or service that they purchase in a timely way.

Next, you need to wow them by going above and beyond their expectations – delivering more than you promised and providing additional value.

This might seem incredibly simple (and perhaps obvious!), but it’s so often overlooked and businesses/brands instead focus too heavily on attracting new customers.

Brand loyalty boosts profitability

So, how can you unlock this (huge) potential in your business?

How can you encourage brand loyalty and get boosting profits? We’ve put together 27 simple ways to get you started:

  1. Respond to emails/communications in a timely manner

  2. Answer customer questions promptly and in enough detail

  3. Fulfil orders on time

  4. Be helpful – guide customers in their purchase choice

  5. Offer outstanding customer service at every touch point

  6. Listen to your customers

  7. Embrace snail mail – send clients relevant features or articles that might be of interest

  8. Start a reward or loyalty scheme

  9. Pop a postcard with a special discount code in with product orders

  10. Send a personalised, hand-written thank you note

  11. Offer free gift wrapping for product purchases

  12. Interact with customers on social media

  13. Include samples of new products with orders

  14. Respond to complaints promptly

  15. Offer free delivery

  16. Package product orders up beautifully

  17. Invite customers to an event

  18. Give customers an advance preview of new product/service launches

  19. Check in with clients to see how they’re getting on

  20. Invite clients to meet for coffee

  21. Ask customers for their opinion on new products/services that you’re developing

  22. Feature a customer on your website, blog or social media

  23. Celebrate birthdays with a promotional offer

  24. Provide an upgrade or bonus for free

  25. Offer a surprise discount

  26. Tell your customers how their feedback was implemented

  27. Thank customers and clients for their business

Brands who are nailing the wow factor

The beauty of being a small business is that you can make up your own rules. You can be agile, flexible and delight customers in unexpected ways that help you stand out from the crowd.

There are many businesses out there doing great things in this area, but here are five small businesses that we think are nailing it (along with some of our top reasons why):

  1. Evolve Beauty: Exceptional customer service, speedy delivery, orders include three free product samples (of your choice), travel-sized products are also available which are perfect for holidays but also for trying new items in the range.
  2. Raw Being: Answer questions promptly, product packaging is plastic-free (beautifully branded too!), tasty recipes on their website, orders include a hand-written thank you note and a handy product information postcard.
  3. Martha Brook London: Brilliant customer service, fast-delivery of beautifully wrapped stationery, gorgeous product range (always evolving), delight customers at every touch point. A gorgeous, inspirational brand to follow on Instagram.
  4. Joanne Edwards Millinery: Offers a personalised, tailored millinery service and impeccable attention to detail – all working together to provide an outstanding, memorable customer experience (Joanne’s clients look and feel a million dollars wearing her stunning designs).
  5. DoodleLove: Involves customers with product development on social media, listens to customers, offers free delivery (also speedy!) and products come beautifully packaged in striking black and white polka dot tissue paper. This stationery brand is factored into Marketing Vision’s budget each year – flawless.



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